3D Printers

3D Printers is bringing about the next industrial revolution and 3D Technique is leading the change by bringing in new ideas to enable manufacturers and designers in India to realise their product faster and in an economical way. 3D Technique’s 3D Printers in collaboration with EnvisionTEC, have made the design process of the companies accelerated, more creative and iterative.

3D Printing

We 3D Technique, an India based 3D Printing Services produce accurate, strong and good value parts for all your rapid prototyping needs. Our service uses the latest 3D printing & additive manufacturing technology’s to give you accurate parts in a wide choice of materials and surface finishes. We pride ourselves on our quick, high quality 3D Printing services.

Engineering Services

At 3D Technique, our engineering design solutions are tailored to meet the needs of wide range of industry verticals that include Automotive, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Medical, and etc. With across the globe clientele, our team of engineers has provided solutions for complex engineering design problems following industry best practices and standards.