3d printer

Perfactory® 4 DSP XL

EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory 4 Digital Shell 3D Printer (DSP) can be used for large scale production due to its large build area and high resolution. Fitted with the Enhanced Resolution Module (ERM), resolutions down to 42 µm in the X and Y are possible. The micro mechanics can achieve as little as 15 µm in Z (material dependent), making it one of the highest resolution systems in the industry. This accuracy does not come at the sacrifice of speed. The DSP can build a tray of hearing aid shells in 2-3 hours (1-2 with high speed module) as the DLP process cures all parts simultaneously. The resolution is transferred into the highest quality surface finishes achievable by any rapid manufacturing process. This is just one of the reasons this machine is a firm customer favorite with leading hearing aid manufacturers.