3d printing services in India by 3d techniqueMake your dream come true with 3D Technique!!

If you have industry changing creations, come to 3D Technique. We will breathe life into your creations to produce prototypes; with our 3D Printing technology (FDM, DLP, SLA, SLS, and Polyjet). The best part is that we can pick from where you left from.

3D Printing Materials

  • Plastics: PLA, ABS, TPTE, Resin, High Detail Resin, Flexible, Nylon
  • Metal: Aluminium, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Gold

Our Unique Offerings

  • We generate a physical model from your 2D cad drawing, 3D CAD model, or, even from a sketch.
  • We provide the fastest turnaround time for getting your dream product to you.
  • Our designs are tailor made to suit the requirements and expectations of your customers without escalating your budgets.

For getting expert advice on your designs and pocket-friendly estimate, please upload your design in .stl format to our 3D Print Quote page here; we will get back to you within 1 business day.