3D Bioprinting – The Future Is Now!

biofabrication industry

The EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter® system has been used since 2000 for a variety of medical applications. Most research done to date using our machines has been in the pre-clinical setting, yielding many publications by pre-eminent scientists from the materials science, neuroimaging, and toxicology disciplines. In the clinical setting, patient CT or MRI scans are used to create STL files to print solid 3D models which can then be used as templates for implants.

Tissue Engineering and Controlled Drug Release require 3D scaffolds with well-defined external and internal structures. The 3D-Bioplotter® has the capacity of fabricating scaffolds using the widest range of materials of any singular Rapid Prototyping machine, from soft hydrogels over polymer melts up to hard ceramics and metals. Complex inner patterns can easily be designed using the 3D-Bioplotter® software to both control the mechanical properties, increase cell adhesion, as well as improve the flow of nutrient media throughout the interconnecting pores of the printed implants.

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